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All You Need to Know About the Challenge Coins and Their Use

Challenge coins are very essential and they have been used at a very high rate especially in the US they were used by the military up to date. They have been used for many years as awards and this has been seen to be considered at a very high rate, this is one of the most important things that you need to be considering, it matters so much. In case you have ever seen a person with a challenge coin, you need to know that this is one thing that makes them feel honored and it matters so much for you. You need to know that the challenge coins are basically made of iron, brass, and zinc and typically finished with gold.

There is a great use of the commanders coin, it is very popular and used at a very high rate. The commanders coin is one of the prestigious awards that was issued to soldiers as they have been seen to play a great role. Ones a solder has got the commanders coin, it would be related to heroism especially in the war period in the ancient times and it plays a great role.

The coins were typically used by the Romans. The challenge coins came with a portrait that showed achievement, especially for the military and this, is very important in what you have been focusing. The challenge coin in this case was used in the WW1 and it really defined its use.

In the past, during WWI squadron the challenge coins were also used as an award for the members. One way that the lieutenant would show honor is through the issuance of the awards, it is one of the most important things that you can be able to enjoy as it matters so much in what you have been seeking this time around. The award was very motivating and determined the person who is in a certain squad and those that are not meant to be there. There was a pilot who had been caught putting on the challenge coin in a disrespectful way and this led to him being apprehended, and then escaped where the villagers were had to accept him back.

There was a sort of game that came up when the soldiers returned and there were simple rules in this case. You find that the challenge was determined to know exactly who own the coins or who does not and the one who does not would be committed to buy a drink for the other, the challenge coins were even used at times to determine who is a spy among the soldiers by determining those who had and those who did not have in the right manner. In the recent days you find that the challenge coins are still being awarded and in many cases, they have been accepted by other governments outside US.

Once a member of the government achieved a challenge, he/she would be offered the award of the challenge coin that started way back in the US. Over the years the presidency in the US have been awarded the challenge coins and thus has been replicated by other governments outside the US has been seen to play a great role in the continuity of the challenge coins.